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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Pushing the limit (even for me)
So I just spent about ten minutes online searching for pictures of the various items I purchased at the (looks around to see who is listening) S-E-X-T-O-Y party over the weekend. Then I realized that perhaps posting those sorts of pictures on my blog might be pushing it just a little bit. Even for a woman who gets way too much enjoyment out of cookie porn. (Which, by the way, I must do again this Christmas. God that was fun).

Anyway, back to the vibrators. Yes, I had a fabulous time. I may have purchased a few items that have seriously depleted the extra batteries floating around in our junk drawer. I may also be in a fabulous mood right now. Bwah haha.

The party was fun. One highlight was when we all drew pictures of the male anatomy. I named mine King Dong. I also won a prize! It's a lipstick shaped like a penis. I could crack some joke about my mouth and the penis lipstick but I'll let you just come up with your own snarky comment. We all passed the toys around, cranked up the power, tested them on our hands, and commented on them. "Wow, that one's got some power!" and "Who knew they created a toy that looks like and mimicks a tongue?" Yep, it's true. And it's weird looking. And no, I did not purchase one.

In other news (is it okay to talk about my kid in the same post that discusses dildos? Oh well, just crown me mother of the year)... Aiden's just fabulous. We marked a huge milestone yesterday when he slept in his crib in his own room for the very first time. Bye bye, bassinette! I may or may not have slept with the monitor right next to my ear, cranked up so high you could hear the clock ticking in his room. I am going to have serious issues when this child tries to move out for college.

I just purchased an electric breast pump (in the same week as purchasing a vibrator! Am manipulating all parts of my body! Must find out if breastpump is waterproof, too!) Anyway, I bought the Medela Pump in Style. I figure even if I quit my job, I'll be back at work for at least a few weeks before I call it quits, and I'll need to keep pumping to keep my supply up. Plus, the munchkin has decided that he hates the taste of formula, and he pitches a fit if you try to give him a bottle of the horrid stuff. Put some nice tasty breastmilk in there, and he gulps it down. So, hopefully the pump will be a good investment.

It's late, and I'm all out of clever ideas for how to wrap this up. Better get to bed!


Blogger karla said...

I think all of the electronics that you purchased are very worthwhile investments.:)

Especially the breastpump. I use my manual pump everyday to pump milk for my son's cereal and any extra I store in the freezer for later.

Enjoy your new toys!

Blogger L Sass said...

I, too, think a tongue-shaped vibrator is a leeetle much! However, when it comes to this kind of, um, device... no judgement. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The toys purchased are certainly good investments ;)

Horray for babies sleeping in their cribs!! I use to sleep with the monitor cranked up so high I could hear the heat click on in her room :)

Blogger Happy Working Mom said...

I have that pump and absolutely love got me through two full years of pumping at work with my kids. And my kids hated formula as well...only breastmilk!

Just a tip...start pumping now and storing it in the freezer. The pressure in the beginning to keep supply up is huge, and my supply actually went down a little (completely normal when women return to work according to lactation goddess) and having the supply in the freezer eazed my worries. If all else fails...fenugreek was my drug of choice!

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