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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Ouch. That hurt. And this time, it's not about waxing.
Have you ever noticed those motorized scooters that have been growing in popularity? I got my butt royally kicked by one this weekend.

These scooters are like mini-motorcycles. You can ride them anywhere on the roads, but they don't go quite as fast as full-fledged motorcycles do. They're especially popular in vacation spots... you can see people zipping around on them while they get a little R&R.

Unfortunately for me, R&R went from "Rest and Relaxation" to "Rest and Rehabilitation." I took a few days off last week to join my family in Chincoteague, Virginia. We spend our time camping, crabbing, boating, and playing some cutthroat card games. Oh yeah, and riding the two scooters my uncle brought along.

I had never driven a scooter before, but everyone assured me that it was really easy. Hey, you don't even need a motorcycle license to drive one... just a regular old driver's license will do. Despite the fact that my dad's nickname for me used to be "Crash" (jump to your own conclusions there) I decided to take the scooter for a little drive.

We were headed to the nearby pharmacy to pick up some allergy medicine for my mom. I should have known something was wrong when I could hardly keep my balance at first. It was actually pretty comical, as I shook and wove across the road in the campground. I figured I just needed a little time to get used to it. Turns out I would also need some painkillers.

I actually made it to the pharmacy without any trouble. It was on the way back that it all went wrong. I was trying to turn a corner, not only balancing myself but my mom, who was riding behind me. Since I was still a little wobbly, I didn't take the turn fast enough, and when I hit a bump, it was all over.

With my mom screaming, we careened toward the curb and hit the pavement. The bike only had a few scratches. Mom and I weren't so lucky. I took most of the impact, and I have some major road rash on my right side. My poor knee is a mess, my right foot is sore and raw, and my right arm is sporting a red, angry welt. Thank goodness we didn't break anything. And thank goodness we were wearing our helmets!

This all happened last Friday, and I am feeling better. But I'm limping around (yes, I am a big baby). I think my ego might be smarting a little bit as well. Dad's back to calling me "Crash" again, and I've sworn off scooters for all time.

My only advice to you... is rider beware! These scooters are more dangerous than they might seem. Or maybe I am just one of the worst drivers ever. You can decide!

and p.s. I'm not posting pictures, because it would totally gross you out. Unless, of course, you WANT to be grossed out. Ew.


Blogger jessica said...

Duh, of course we want to be grossed out! I vote for pictures please. And I also vote that you feel better real soon, and thank God you weren't on a full sized bike!

Blogger Silly Hily said...

I've been wondering where you were.
I'm with Jessica, we totally need pictures. Not that I want to be grossed out though. I just need to see them so I can tell you, "Oh, it's not that bad you big baby. Now go put your big girl panties back on." hehe
(BTW, my mother-in-law said she almost feel out of her chair from laughing at your wax post.)

Blogger Mrs. CPA said...

I think the lack of coordination must have something to do with being named Kelly. Because I've got that affliction too.

Blogger Erika said...

I want to be grossed out too. And I too have jumped the curb on a moped and swore them off before I got hurt, I won't even ride as a passenger. In Key West some tourists have even died when their mopeds hit a car.

Blogger KellyF said...

Okay, you crazy kids. I'll snap a few pics today and post them for you.


Blogger Silly Hily said...

Dude, she almost "fell" out of her chair. Not "feel." Sorry, I'm not that stupid.

And you are an evil, evil woman for the questions you are going to make me answer! :-)

Blogger KellyF said...

Hil.... bwah haha!

I want the DETAILS, baby!

Blogger lizziep901 said...

And I TOTALLY LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND for asking Hil those questions on her blog.

Blogger Julie said...

Oh wow! Who would have thunk it? Scooters being that dangerous. Glad you both survived.

Okay, that was my nice response. Truthfully, I grew up on motorcycles (my Dad raced dirt bikes) and I always thought scooters were for sissies, or now for someone who wants to save money on gas. :)

But really am glad you guys are okay. Found you through Hil. I might just be here all day trying to catch up. :)

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