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Friday, September 08, 2006
The boobage... you ask, I answer.
First of all, an apology for not really staying on top of blogging this week. I haven't had much of a chance to write or to read all of you! I deserve a spanking for this.

I've finished my first week of
ass-kicking exercise bootcamp! (This, combined with a crazy week of work, has left me taking as many naps as possible). I am so.damn.sore! I had better lose a little weight and end up with an ass you could bounce a quarter off of... or I will be screaming "refund!" In the meantime, my husband is enjoying flicking quarters at my butt.

So, you were all so kind in asking me questions, and now I haven't answered them all! Let's get started with that. I'll take a few people at a time.

Let's start with my darling
SillyHily, who asked the following:

Have you ever met any celebrities?
Hmm... nobody that's really fantastic. I mean, I have met and interviewed some athletes. I did a live report as the President drove by me, but didn't actually meet him. Oh, I remember! I interviewed
Tom Wopat (from Dukes of Hazzard). He was in Baltimore starring in a musical. Not too impressive, is it? OH WAIT!! I did a satellite interview with sexy Ethan from Survivor. (Satellite interviews mean that he's at a different location, and he can hear me and we chat). Good lord he was so hot. I even asked him if I could have his baby (when we were just doing microphone checks... not on the air of course!) He just laughed. And probably cringed.

Do people know you have this blog (like your family, friends, and viewers)?
My sister knows I have this blog, and she reads once in a while. I'm not sure if I have mentioned it to any of my other family, although my mom knows I have one. I would probably die if my work ever found out about this blog. I do try to be open/honest/myself when I write here, which doesn't always match up with the image of credibility and classiness you have to project on-air. Wonder if I'd get
dooced if they ever found out? Oh well, I will take my chances.

Were you voted most popular or anything like that in high school?
Ha! I was anything but. I mentioned before that I was pretty shy and quiet in school. I'm not sure why... but I always felt like I was being judged or evaluated by people. And believe it or not, I was never much of a party girl or anything, so people probably thought I wasn't much fun. I'm one of those girls who has never smoked a cigarette, never done drugs, etc. Thus... I reveal to you my SUPERSPECIAL HIGHSCHOOL SUPERLATIVE AWARD:

"Biggest Brown Noser"

Yep, those bastards I went to school with decided to give me an award for being nice, yet they twisted that into something I was ashamed of. Thank god I redeemed myself by winning the Best Drama and Best Choir Awards! (Voted on by my teachers, thankyouverymuch!)

Would you and your hubby ever try out for Amazing Race?
We like that show, and I have always said that we should try out for something like that! However, I wonder if we might kill each other. Much as hubby and I love each other, we can also be very stubborn and believe that our way is the right way. I can only imagine what might happen when the pressure is on and we have different ideas about what we need to do to win!

Have you ever "batted for both teams?" (Hey, just trying to think of something to make you blush like you did me.)
You are a very naughty girl, SillyHily! But I must admit the answer is yes. Sort of. Under the influence of some big time alcohol. One of my best friends and I actually kissed at a bar to raise money to cover our tab. And, um, it worked. Seems the boys like to watch two girls kissing. And before you ask, yes, it was of the French variety. Good job, Hil, you DID make me blush!

And finally, both Hil and
LizzieP wanted to know:
Are your boobs real?
Wow, should I consider this a compliment? Yes, they are 100% real! No added silicone or preservatives! I actually don't think my boobs are very big, but I'm sort of small (only 5'2) and maybe they look bigger on my frame than they really are. Just your average 34C.

That took longer than I thought, so I'm gonna have to run! More questions next time!


Blogger janet said...

omg hilarious that you are a "brown noser" and also admit to kissing a girl in the same post :)

I admire your courage to answer any question -- I know I couldn't have! (Unless it was anonymous or my dad didn't read it!)

Blogger desiree said...

I got "most likely to have a talk show" and, as a cruel joke by my class when they found out I was staying in town and not going to a 4 year college (even though I was top 10 in my class and accepted at every college I applied to I just had NO MONEY) "most likely to attend community college for more than three years" Thanks. Thanks so much.

I am proud of you, my 5'2" bretherin, let us unite and take over the world.

Blogger lizziep901 said...

The first time I read this post, I didn't even LOOK at all the other questions.....I was looking for the answer to the BOOBS!!! :)
Hil and I share the same brain most of the time so although it may look like we are copying each other's comments sometimes, I swear, we aren't.
ANywhooooooo your boobies are beautiful sister. I'm totally j.

Blogger M J said...

Hahaha how hilariously honest.


Blogger Silly Hily said...

OH my gosh! Where do I start?
Yes, Ethan, totally hot.
I can't believe you answered the "switching teams" question and I also can't believe the answer. It's very funny though. Men, they really are such simple creatures aren't they?
I'll be honest, totally thought the boobs were fake. The girls are lovely.
Thank you for answering my questions, that was great!
But your high school answer made me think of another question. Have you had your 10 yr high school reunion yet? If so, did you go and walk up in there all, What's up bitches, look at me now!?????
If you haven't had it yet, do you plan on going and being all, What's up bitches, look at me now?

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