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Friday, October 26, 2007
in which Kelly learns to hate doctors even more
First things first... Jason's surgery went well and he is resting at home. Only time will tell if this did the trick. If his symptoms of nausea and stomach pain don't return, problem solved. If not, then we have to figure out something new. He's very sore and experiencing pain from the operation, but doing fine.

But things just couldn't go smoothly, could they? Oh, no. A few issues during the day at the hospital have me reiterating my previous statement that our health system (more notably, some of the so-called "professionals" in that health system) sucks big donkey balls.

First issue? We needed to be at the hospital by 9am, and Jason's surgery was scheduled for 10:30. He was the first patient in the OR that day. The surgeon (who I have never really liked- totally crappy bedside manner) came by and said they would get him in the OR by 10:30 or 11am. We said goodbye and watched the nurse wheel him away around 10:30. Then we sat in the waiting room. An hour later, the nurse comes in and says, "I'm sorry, but there has been a big mixup." What? A mixup? Did they remove the wrong organ or something? No, apparently Jason was still waiting in the OR, because his bitch of a doctor FORGOT she scheduled a meeting for 11 and decided to make her patient wait, rather than reschedule the meeting. So Jason's surgery didn't actually start until later, and he had to wait nervously, in anticipation of getting cut open.

Next. The surgery was to take about an hour, hour-and-a-half tops. The only way it would take longer was if there was an issue doing it laproscopically and he had to be totally cut open. So, we sit in the waiting room. One hour goes by. TWO hours go by. Finally, 2 1/2 hours pass and I ask the attendant to find out what the hell is going on. She pages the doctor, who finally finds the time to come and consult with me. Oh, yeah, she says. Surgery went fine, it was finished a while ago. But I guess she was just too busy to bother coming to speak with us.

Finally, they discharged Jason around 8 last night. They send him home with some prescriptions, the most important of which is a high-powered painkiller to keep him comfortable. We stop by the pharmacy by our home, right before it closes, to get the script filled. But GUESS WHAT! The idiot doctor who discharged Jason WROTE THE WRONG NAME on his prescription! They wrote another person's name, so the pharmacy wouldn't fill it. We call the hospital, only to find out that they can't fax over scripts for this particular drug, since it's a strong narcotic. Flipping fantastic.

My mom, who is a freaking saint, had been staying home with Aiden while I picked up Jason. She told us to settle in at home, and proceeded to go all the way back to the hospital to get the meds for us. But then she had to wait for 45 minutes while the hospital pharmacy got the new prescription and filled it. My poor mom didn't get back to our house until 11:30 last night. Can you believe this crap?? Thank god for my mother. She's the best.

I seriously couldn't make this shit up. I am so tired of it all and am just hoping that Jason's health issues are solved, so we don't have to deal with all these hospitals and doctors anymore. I've had enough.


Blogger janet said...

omfg, that is insane. is there a patient care ombudsman or something who works there? i would write a long letter detailing everything and send it to some higher ups!

(I almost wrote "log letter" which makes it sound like i want you to mail them a piece of poop. that's not what I mean, but maybe that's not a bad idea...haha!)

Blogger L Sass said...

Oh my goodness--adding so much headache to an already difficult situation. NOT cool. I'm glad that your mom was able to watch Aiden and that you got the Rx straightened out in the end. Hope Jason feels better soon!

Anonymous cady said...

oh my gosh that's awful! i'm with janet...i would write a letter too. i hope jason starts to feel better soon!

Blogger Rachel said...

I am glad the surgery went well and I hope that was the answer.

That doctor is awful!!! I can understand how you could double book yourself, but she should have put her patient first!! No doubt.

And there is absolutely no excuse for her not coming out to tell you that the surgery was over and all was well! None!

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