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Monday, July 30, 2007
fun times
My hubby has an ulcer. A bleeding one, apparently. One that makes his tummy feel like a bunch of knives stabbing it. Right now he's in the hospital getting pumped full of pain meds while he waits to have a little camera go down his throat to check it out. Sucks to be him, doesn't it?

I feel so awful for Jas right now. He has so much stress on him at work, not to mention the demands of the baby. Not to mention the prospect of our soon becoming a single income household, with the burden solely on his shoulders. He's got a lot to deal with.

The whole concept of ulcers makes me shudder. Imagine having a wound that hurts. Now imagine pouring acid on it. That's what's going on in his stomach all the time. It feels better when he eats, but then immediately hurts again because that pesky thing called digestion kicks in.

It just sucks to stand by while he feels like crap. I know there isn't much I can do for him, but I'm obsessively googling the subject, and also wasting money on some stuff that might help him out... like aloe vera juice and acupuncture appointments. Hey, nothing like a few needles being poked into you to make you forget about the throbbing in your belly. Who knows if any of this will help, but I'm willing to try it if it can help him feel a little better.

Gotta run, the kidlet is calling for some boob service.


Blogger L Sass said...

OUUUUUUCH. I hope Jason feels better soon!

Blogger Rachel said...

That sucks! I hope he starts feeling better soon. It's hard to watch someone you love be in pain and not be able to help them.

Anonymous Melissa said...

Poor guy. :( Hope his stomach starts healing, and fast!

Blogger Lucky Gem said...

"the kidlet is calling for some boob service" You crack me up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's craptastic. Hope he'll be better real quick...

Blogger emily said...

Oh that sucks. For him most definately, but for you too. It's hard to focus when two people need you. I hope he's feeling better.

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