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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Note to self
Note to self: waxing isn't worth it.

I say this not because of the pain, but because of the payoff. I got my wax last Tuesday, and I was silky smooth. Perfectly pubeless.

Now, a week later, stupidly stubbly. I have something new to add to my list of "things I should probably know but didn't." Hair grows in cycles. Meaning that last week, when I was all happily hairless, there were a bunch of little rogue hairs waiting just under the surface that didn't get yanked. Ready to break free and grow in and ruin my 45 minute-painfilled-butthole-baring-expensive-wax-WAAAH!

Yep, I've got some stragglers. I look like a prepubescent girl. Most of me is nice and smooth still, but there are a bunch of little suckers now popping up. What sucks about this is that Cara... remember sweet Cara who literally ripped me a new one? Cara says I shouldn't shave at all, and should just let those hairs grow until my next wax, which should be three weeks from now.

Well, I've decided. There won't be another wax. I'm not interested in the pain, the expense, and then the extra hairs that crop up in between. Especially not when I can shave and get the same result.

Oh well. At least I got to blog about it!

Now for some meme goodness. Because I promised Desiree. I give you TAKE FOUR:

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. TV news anchor
2. Book/magazine editor
3. Victoria's Secret salesperson
4. Kennel staff at veterinarian's office

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Kill Bill (Vol 1 and 2)
2. Forrest Gump
3. The Little Mermaid
4. The Rookie

Four places you have lived:
1. Fallston, Maryland (my hometown)
2. Hastings, Nebraska (otherwise known as bumfuck, USA. I moved there for my first TV job, and it was torturous)
3. Grand Island, Nebraska (just slightly better than bumfuck)
4. Southern PA (my current home)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy, I love you.
2. Project Runway.
3. House. Sexiest grumpy asshole EVER.
4. Anything on TLC. Because I am a dork.

Four Places you have been on Vacation:
1. Disneyworld
2. Chincoteague, Virginia (where the wild ponies swim!)
3. Caribbean (on a cruise)
4. Las Vegas

Four websites you visit daily:
1. My blogroll. (so that's more than four, but it's my meme, suckers)
2. Hotmail
4. (because we use natural family planning as our birth control).

Four of my favorite foods:
2. Pickles
3. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream
4. Lobster

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On vacation!
2. Home
3. With my honey.
4. On a beach.

Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond:
1. Hilary
2. Janet
3. Jessica
4. Meg

Four Places you'd love to visit:
1. Italy
2. Australia
3. London
4. Saint Tropez

Four foods you don't like:
1. Brusell sprouts
2. spinach
3. mussels
4. some kinds of fish

Now don't you feel like you know me better?


Blogger Silly Hily said...

Cara ripped you a new one. Baa-haa-haa!
Do you really use natural family planning for birth control? You must tell me more about it! I had no idea. Are you Catholic?
Also, I felt like I knew you much better from the last post.

Blogger KellyF said...

I use NFP (take temps, monitor CM) because I was having issues with the pill and because we were about ready to start trying for a baby. (not yet, but soon!)

Until then, we use good 'ole condoms any time of the month that seems too risky.

I read a great book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, that really explains the whole process. I've learned a lot about my body!

Blogger jessica said...

Thanks for tagging me, you made me get out of my not-posting funk. Come on over and check it out!

Blogger AnnaBana said...

Okay, OUCH. I don't think I'll ever do that. I had a regular bikini wax, and that was not worth it to me. And like you said, it just costs WAY too much $ to do regularly.

Blogger janet said...

so....I;m a little late here but I see you tagged me. I think I filled this one out a few months ago but perhaps it's time for an update....

Also, I am now feeling discouraged about getting a pre-wedding wax. Should I plan on getting two, a few weeks apart? Ahhhh I don't know!!!

Blogger Isabel said...

Don't give up on waxing just yet. After a few of them, your hair will come in less. And the stragglers? Pluck them, don't shave them. Seriously, it's worth it.

Blogger Julie said...

Wow! I am still reelin' with the whole Cara ripped you a new one line. Too too funny!!!

I think the NFP is great. I know one other person that has done this. It takes a dedicated person to do it. So I do admire you. One time we were trying for a baby but were having to do it by AI. I had to do the whole temperature thing, etc. I couldn't do that for too long, I would forget sometimes. But it ended up not working and I didn't ever have to do it again. :)

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