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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Why can't life just be a long vacation?
I've been back home from my recent beach trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey since last Thursday, and I miss it. I miss the relaxation and zero committments to anybody. The day was one long exercise in chilling out. And now I am home and back to work. I know, I know... WAAAAH. Kelly's gotta get off her lazy ass and work a little. WAAAH.

But it was so much fun. Check out the evidence of our sweet getaway:

Here I am on the beach. Ahhhhh. And sorry kids, you're only gonna get a shot of the top half of my body. Cuz while big boobies are great, a big tummy and ass just ain't gonna cut it. I'm playing to my assets, here.

Ah yes. Above you can see my husband, otherwise known as the bronzed god who tans in about ten seconds flat. He's giving his sexiest squint to the camera.

Of course, you get hot and thirsty on the beach. And as luck would have it, we were laying within 30 feet of a nice little bikini beach bar. Yummy beach drinks. Alcohol, heat, and dehydration. Can't beat that combination.

And then we cleaned up and headed out to gamble. This pic of us is from the Borgata... the most gorgeous hotel and casino in Atlantic City. I just learned how to play blackjack and we were at the tables for hours. Am now very.very.poor!

Up next.... pictures of our backyard after our recent landscaping venture. I'll show ya our new patio and all the backbreaking gardening I've been doing!


Blogger Silly Hily said...

You do realize you and your husband are totally THAT couple? You know, that couple that you see walking down the beach in all of their gorgeousness and perfectness and while you know nothing about them all you can do is hate them b/c they are just so freakin' good looking. Yes my dear, y'all are THAT couple.

Sometimes I wonder if vacation is reeeeealy worth it b/c coming back just sucks....hard!

Blogger janet said...

you look positively gorgeous!

Also, that's the same hotel where Andrew just spent the night barfing in the toilet. Haaaaa poor him (sorta).

Blogger jessica said...

Sounds like a blast! I LOVE the Borgata. Their chandeliers? It is my dream to one day have a house large enough for one of them to hang in my entrance hall. Ha!

Hily's right, you so are that couple. Lucky!

Blogger AnnaBana said...

YAY, pictures! You look so great (And way to play up the great "assets" you have! I never had any "assets" of my own until I got pregnant, and I sure hope they last because they're fun!) Anyway, sounds like the perfect vacation. I love the beach w/alcoholic beverages, yum! Glad you're back, though, and looking forward to the landscaping pics!

Blogger RSM said...

DUDE! You were in AC and you didn't call me! AC is only like an hour away! Bitch. We coulda done some shots of tequilla together and compared big butts. Meh. Maybe next time...

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